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Protecting your employees, assets, and customers

Allow your business to use technology confidently, with your employees, your assets, and your customers protected with custom security applications.

Business Security
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Integrated technology and security solutions for every need

For medical, entertainment, and commercial spaces in the Omaha, NE region, 4TEC Integration always offers the latest in communications and security technology.

Healthcare Security

Always on the forefront

Have the latest in AV technology at your fingertips.

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Alibi PTZ Camera, 4TEC Integration, Omaha, NE

Providing the access control, cameras, communications for research centers, universities, and hospitals

With access control, cameras, and communications, local Omaha, NE universities, hospitals, and research centers are kept safer than ever using 4TEC Integration.

Education Security

"4TEC went above and beyond normal to provide great service with a difficult situation. Their cheerful attitude and patience made a real difference in the process. Thanks 4TEC!"

- Radius22 Automation

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Why Choose 4TEC Integration

4TEC is one of the pioneers in full-scale integration (FI). From design and deployment to programming and training 4TEC delivers a complete solution that handles the clients’ low voltage electronic systems needs.

With scalable plug and play packages, your low-voltage electronic systems needs are kept simple, and they’re built to develop and evolve right along with you. Always have just the system you require.

Solutions for Omaha, NE businesses, hospitals, and entertainment spaces shouldn’t be out of reach due to budget constraints. 4TEC Integration fair pricing takes care of your bottom line, while still providing you with exactly what you need.

The parts used to build your integrated system are covered by a 3-year warranty. This warranty ensures that your system uses quality pieces that are built to last, or they’ll be promptly replaced.

If you require assistance for your integrated system, responsive service is here to help. Serving Omaha, NE, 4TEC Integration ensures that your experience is a user-friendly one that you feel comfortable with.

When you require assistance with your system, you’re not put through to an unknowledgeable customer service representative. Instead, you’ll speak with an expert for all the advice and help you need.

There is no limit when it comes to 4TEC Integration professional support. Whether your system is freshly installed and you’re just learning, or questions come up years down the line, our 4TEC Integration experts are here tohelp.

All in One Solutions

Programmed, installed, and designed by expert professionals, 4TEC Integration all in one solutions provide premium integration systems. With full-scaleAV integrations systems, commercial businesses, hospitals, and entertainment brands in Omaha, NE are prepared to impress clients while streamlining their security and presentation processes. With your budget in mind, 4TEC Integration will worktirelessly to exceed your expectations.

All Services

Video Security

Video security systems provide peace of mind to commercial properties all across the region. With professionally installed video security, you’re in the know of all goings on.

Video Security

Video Walls

Impress clients and take your presentations to the next level with professionally installed video walls using the latest and greatest in technologies.

Video Walls

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms ensure your property is kept safe, and alerts the authorities should anyone enter your property that is unauthorized to be there.

Burglar Alarms

One Touch Conference Rooms

These simple and easy to control AV solutions are built to impress by experts in the field of programming, installation, and design.

One Touch Conference Rooms

Access Control

Monitor and control who enters what portions of your property with expertly installed access control.These systems may be used in any part of your property.

Access Control

Operations Center

Operations centers give you control of your integrated technology systems. With ongoing expert support, they provide a user-friendly experience.

Operations Center

3 Ways to Engage

There are multiple ways to engage with 4TEC Integration solutions. From ordering online for the easiest experience possible, to working with professionals in the field to create your very own custom solutions experiences.

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Order Online

With packages taking great care to include everything the customer may need, ordering online makes getting the solutions you need simple. From customizing your technology integration setup, to choosing simple pre-made One Touch Solutions with plug and play capabilities, getting whatyou need is a stress-free experience for your commercial property.

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Custom System Design

By contacting 4TEC Integration, our professionals can walk you through the custom design of your system. Design capabilities encompass all spaces and systems needs, providing an option for entertainment, commercial, and hospital buildings that work for what you require. With demonstrations included, you’ll feel confident with your entire design, installation, and function experience.

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Partnerships allow experts and professionals to partner with AV and security integrators to provide services to clients like programming, controls, and training. As a sub-contractor, partners do not directly own the clients they work with, but they do provide much-needed supportand engagement to both said clients and partners alike.


Warranties and Support

4TEC Integration warranties and support ensure your systems and all of their components function,as they should with guaranteed professional installation. All parts your system is comprised of are covered under a 3-year warranty, while your installation is covered for a period of 1 year. One on one expert support provides individual attention with a professional in the field to best address your questions and concerns.

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How To Secure and Grow Your Business

One Touch Integration - A custom solution that allows our clients in One-Touch to operate all their systems and spaces. Once the program is installed and optimized, we can roll it out via the internet for updates to all their systems around the world.

RSC Online remote service calls - We offer a superior quality of service that supports a higher value investment for our clients who know they cannot use a low bidder and deal with not having a solid support service company to back up their building, campus, or global enterprise.

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